Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Warmer weather, sunny days, things are starting to look a little brighter. Why not get outside and go on a photo scavenger hunt! To document your findings bring a camera along. If the kids have their own camera even better! Our go to camera for kids ages 4 and up is a Vtech KidiZoom Camera. Learning Resources also just announced a new camera geared towards kids ages 1-5 and it comes with its own hide and seek game. Our team has compiled a fun list of items to look for along your scavenger hunt. Check it out below!
1. Rainbow
2. Hop Scotch
3. Dog
4. Bird
5. Scooter
6. Blue House
7. Bicycle
8. Playground/Swing Set
9. Inspiring Message
10. Purple Flower

Do you have something you love to look for on a scavenger hunt that we did not mention? Add it to your list! Now grab your favorite camera, head outside, and start hunting!  


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