Tips and Tricks for School Picture Day

School Picture Day Tips and Tricks
School picture days are right around the corner but that does not mean you need to panic! At Norsym Photography we know how much you cherish your school pictures but we also know the stress some families go through preparing for picture day. Whether there is a disagreement over the clothes or your child is camera shy you may encounter an unexpected hurdle. We have compiled a list of our tips and tricks to help alleviate the stress and get your family through the day with a smile on everyone’s face!
1. If your child is picky about what clothes they wear work together before picture day laying out an outfit they are comfortable in. If too many choices are an issue select a couple of outfits on your own and have your child pick their favorite!
2. Bright clothing works best for our backdrops. If you are stumped on what to have your child wear take a look around your house. What colors do you find your home is decorated with the most? Find an outfit based off of those colors. After all these photos are going to be framed and hanging proud for everyone to enjoy!
3. If you are taking sibling photos have them wear coordinating outfits.
4. We advise that you get a fresh haircut a week or two before the school photos. If your child likes to wear their hair a certain way let them! This allows us to capture your child during this phase of childhood!
5. Glasses? No Problem. Our team is prepared to capture students with their glasses on and take the appropriate steps to reduce the glare from glasses.
6. Do you have young kids who have never had their picture taken or are they camera shy? If you have a camera at home, practice with them! Let them try pressing the button so they can see what it does. Take a few practice photos of them as well.
7. If your child does not “say cheese” have no fear. Our team engages with the kids and makes photography experience fun. Sometimes we have special friends who come to say hello!
8. Is your child anxious about pictures day? Try reading a book to them about school picture day!
We hope these tips allow your family to smile BIG this upcoming picture day!
Do you have any tips that we forgot to mention? Leave us a comment! 

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